Yifu museum China university of geosciences , the National second-class museum ,is the first university museum that was named the class AAAA Tourist Attraction,which is an important base for students to know the geosciences.It is a National Adolescents Science and Technology Education Base,a National Center for Scientific and Technological Education,National Center for Paleontological Education, a National Base for Environmental Education and Social Practice to primary and middle school students,a National Science Base of Land and Resources and a Patriotic Education Base in Wuhan.Furthermore, our museum is one of the top 10 Wuhan museums in 2017.

Established in 1952,the museum Peking institute of geosciences is the herald of Yifu museum China university of geosciences. At the beginning ,there were a lot of exhibits that were over at least 100 years, which was all from geology department the Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University(Peiyang University) and Tangshan Railway College. In 1982,the museum Wuhan institute of geology was opened to the public,and most of exhibits were transported from Beijing to the Wuhan.While,in 1987,It was renamed museum of China University of geosciences(Wuhan).In 2003,it was changed the name to Yifu museum China University of geosciences again,because it had got the patronage by the Shaw Foundation and been funded by the Ministry of Education, launched to build in 2001.

The total area of our museum is almost 10,000 square, and the exhibition halls cover the area of 5,000 square.The collection is about the minerals,rocks and gerontological specimens, which are all collected by pioneer in geology ,students and teachers in our university,schoolfellow and international friends.In addition,some of the exhibits were bought too.

More than 30,000 specimens are stored in our museum, some of which play precious exhibits that are almost 2000,such as traumatocrinus guanlingensis,mandschurosaurus, psittacosaurus and ichthyosaus and so on.The museum houses China’s top ranked displays of mineral and rock specimens too.

There are 6 exhibition halls in our museum,including the Earth’s Mysteries Exhibition Hall ,the Origin and Evolution of Life Exhibition Hall,the Minerals and Rocks Exhibition Hall,the Jewelry and Jade Exhibition Hall,the Mineral and Earth Resources Exhibition Hall and Zhanghe Exhibition Hall.What’s more, the Water Resource,Environment and Ggeological Hazard Hall is on the agenda.In our museum, two temporary halls and science classroom have been preparing.

The museum unrolls a magnificent picture scroll portraying 4.6billion varied and changing years of Earth history and opens up a gallery showing 3.8 billion years evolution of living organisms.Here you can see unsurpassed displays of jewels and exquisite jade,multicolored minerals and rocks and also natural minerals that are essential to daily life.you will be guided through the myriad relationship of interdependent living organisms and non-living materials in the complex Earth system,and be reminded that it is our sacred duty to protect the natural environment.

In order to complete museum’s science popularization duty perfectly , our museum is always disseminating scientific knowledge,carrying forward scientific spirits,abiding by the mission of the museum,adhering to the core of geosciences and strengthening science popularization and scientific research.

So as to better serve the teachers and students in our university ,our museum is committed to becoming a temple of learning. As a geology of public classroom,our museum is strengthening science popularization for the society. The most importance is that we are building a paradise for visitors so that visitors could enjoy the scientific travel in our museum.