There are 6 permanent exhibition halls in our museum,including the Earths Mysteries Exhibition Hall ,the Origin and Evolution of Life Exhibition Hall,the Minerals and Rocks Exhibition Hall,the Jewelry and Jade Exhibition Hall,the Mineral and Earth Resources Exhibition Hall and Zhanghe Exhibition Hall.

The earths Mysteries Exhibition Hall

    The Earths Mysteries Hall mainly is about 4.6 billion years of earth history,in which it mainly  shows the solar system,the oldest rock,the three main rocks ,and typical landform and so on. Here,we take the advanced technology to simulate the solar system in order to reveal the position of the earth. And we have made a model coping the inner struction of the earth that is  so vivid that most of the visitors are impressive.In this hall, it is exhibited that the oldest rock is almost 4.3 billion years,which is one of the treasures in the museum.Then,the model demonstrating the transform of three main rocks is so lively that visitors could comprehend it easily. In the middle of the hall,the new Magnetic levitation globe imitates the earth autogiration.At the end,all kinds of special landform was shown ,such as the weathering landform, fluvial landform and karst landform.Finishing the travel of the hall, the visitors have witnessed the magnificent picture of the earth.


The Origin and Evolution of Life Exhibition Hall 

In this exhibition hall,there are a lot of fossils, the evidence to prove the ancient creature,that shows the evolution of life.Now,the scientists have certified that the biology evolved from a kind of chemical element 3.8 billion years ago.Then,the biology began to evolve from single to diverse, low to high and ocean to land .

At the beginning of the hall, it mainly shows the invertebrate,vertebrate and the evolution from crossopterygii to the amphibian ,to the reptile,and to mammal.In the middle of the hall,three are dinosaur fossils,which is so shocked and precious that they have attracted a lot of visitors.At the end of the hall,the fossil of metacrinus , found Guizhou province,was living 230 million years ago, which is one of biggest and the most perfect metacrinus fossils in the world.

The Jewelry and Jade Exhibition Hall 



The jewelry reveal the gorgeous culture ,which have wintenessed the history and past record.There is the other meaning that gems are the beautiful minerals and rocks in nature,which demonstrates the wonderfulness of nature.

In the shinning jewelry and jade hall,the precious jewelry and gem enjoy rich varieties,ranging from the rarest to the commonest. In front of the door,there are some jewelry and jade in the glass cabinet,which are rare among the rarest,known as five emperors and one queen. In addition,an artificial crystal geode,a fluorite sphere and other gems are stored in this middle. The last, it shows the artificial gems that are made by students in our university.The travel of gorgeous treasures would be the most impressive for visitors.

The Mineral and Rock Exhibition Hall


The mineral exhibition hall is similar with a book of petrology.There are mainly three parts including the minerals used to appreciate donated by the schoolmates(donated by the schoolmates) ,all kinds of the mental minerals and rocks in order to study and enjoy,and the three main rocks and their specimens. In addition,an interactive part has been installed for visitors to got the different characters of the sentimental rock, magmatic rock ,and the metamorphic rocks.During the traveling,visitors are not only to learn but also enjoy swimming in the ocean of knowledge.

                                               The Minerals and Earth Resources Exhibition Hall


In the modern time ,the resources is so important that it could decide the development of the society.While,what are the resources?How are resources formed?Where are the minerals ?there are some answers.

In this hall,there are three main parts,including energy minerals specimens,metal mineral  specimens and nonmetallic mineral resources specimens. At the back of the hall,a model of offshore oil drilling platform is so vivid that most of visitors are easy to understand the technique of oil extraction in the ocean.

The Zhanghe Exhibition Hall


In 2007,zhanghe donated some precious fossils that belong to the Rehe fauna found in Liaoning province,which has open the biology treasury to the public.There are a lot perfect fossils that are about the plant,the animal,the bird and the dinosaur,such as the fossil wood ,the first flower fossil,and the Zhanghe animal.Most of the creature living in the modern time evolved from the Zhanghe animal that looks like a big mouse,which is the oldest animal fossil in the world.In this exhibition hall,visitors seem to return to the Rehe fauna in the cretaceous time.