2022 New Year Theme Workshop


As the New Year 2022 is approaching, Shaw Museum opened our new research project - New Year PBL themed workshops during the New Year's Day holiday in 2022. Three workshops were held on 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 respectively, which were full and well received.

The core concept of this New Year theme study activity is "student-centered and problem-based". By setting a learning theme, students immerse themselves in the learning theme and ask questions to solve problems, which is a teaching mode to develop students' learning ability and innovation ability. In this study program, we also designed a special activity package to make the participating children, who are generally 6-10 years old, more engaged and more relaxed in learning paleontology knowledge with the lecturer.

In addition to the special theme workshops to popularize paleontological knowledge, there are also fun activities to attract children, such as museum-wide explanation, little fossil restorer experience and tiger head hat DIY, etc. While enjoying the science feast, you can also make a tiger head hat and feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

One day of study time passed quickly, the New Year theme of science and technology activities in the children's laughter in a successful conclusion, we returned with a full of dry knowledge and New Year tiger head hat happy. Excellent traditional culture is the root of the inheritance and development of a country and a nation, and we will forge ahead to make the Yifu Museum a second classroom for the children.

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