Yifu Museum Science Study Theme Activity - Night at the Museum


Born in 2016, the Night Study Activity of the Yifu Museum of China University of Geosciences has been held hundreds of times as of January 2022, leaving thousands of families with unforgettable memories of staying at the museum at night and planting a seed of love and exploration of geological and paleontological knowledge in the hearts of countless children.

Museum Night activities adhering to the "let science research happy and interesting, let children release their nature" the main theme, in the popularization of geological knowledge as the theme of the traditional research activities, based on the addition of "dinosaur T-shirt graffiti", " Jurassic science short film viewing", "dinosaur theme treasure hunt", "fossil restoration theme course" and other interesting activity links to attract children, so that children can immersively participate in the study activities.

Before the activity officially starts, let's join the ice-breaking ceremony! The kids soon got to know each other and set off together to explore the mysteries of the dinosaur kingdom, the first stop: watch a small dinosaur-themed movie to warm up!

After watching the movie, let's start today's science feast! Fossil restoration activities, dinosaur T-shirt graffiti, geological knowledge explanation, dinosaur theme treasure hunt and a series of activities are really fascinating and eye-opening.

After the super rich activities, the little campers received the camping materials in an orderly manner and finished the work of setting up the tents in groups in the dinosaur exhibition hall. Tonight, let's sleep with the dragon and have a beautiful sleep!

Early the next morning, the campers organized their own equipment, packed up the camping materials and returned them to their original places. After washing up, they learned about stratigraphy and made strata sandwiches.

Museum Night is a special science study activity of the Yifu Museum, which has been held for many years and is well received by parents and children. In the future, we will continue to dig deeper into the museum's resources to provide more and richer science study activities.

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