Go back to Jurassic and explore the mystery of dinosaurs


Experience the city’s most famous geological museum, learn about various rulers in the earth’s history and the evolution of the earth.


14:00 to 16:30


Appropriate for children ages 6–14.

Sample Schedule for Night in the Museum:



Friendly staff will greet you at the entrance, and you can walk around to have a close look at the “World No. 2” fossil wall, the sinovite, and the Chrysanthemum stone.


Open Exploration

Explore our Earth’s Mysteries Exhibition Hall and the Origins and Evolution of Life Exhibition Hall. Through a series of rare specimens and landscape models, you will have a better understanding of the Earth. You’ll have chance to get up close with our very own fossils include various dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, and brachiopod, those are rulers in different period of the earth’s history.


Fossils Exhibition

Get close to some private fossil collections of our science teachers. Learn about the classification the fossils and the differences between them.


Creative Painting

If we condense the earth’s history into 24 hours, what would we see? Let’s do it in a pie chart and paint whatever color you like to illustrate the evolution of the earth.



Trilobite were ubiquitous in the sea 500 million years ago and they were the ruler of the sea at that time. However, there have already died out.But now we can have the chance to “save” them!Use a needle, a brush, and a bench magnifier to repair the trilobite, which is more than one hundred million years earlier than dinosaurs.

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