Earth's environmental protection guards -----Garbage Classification waste


Course Takeaways :

(1) Awareness of the various classifications of garbage;

(2) Recognize the hazards of waste separation and the importance of waste separation;

(3) Made simple trash cans;

(4) Practice picking up trash and sorting it.

Highlight :

First of all, the students gathered in class and started to think about the types of garbage. The teacher gave examples and discussed with each other, learning the types of garbage, knowing the harmful effects of garbage, and understanding what kind of garbage should be put into which garbage can. Finally, based on what they had just learned, each child made their own simple trash can.

When the class content was over, the students, led by the leader teacher, set off together to the location where we were going to clean up this time. Every child was very serious and understood the importance of protecting the environment, and today was a group of little warriors for the environment of the earth.

Curriculum Object : The 4-12 year-old children

Course Duration :3 hours

Contact number :Mr. Jiang 13797955194 (Same as WeChat)

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