Earth's environmental protection guards -----Groundwater Testing


Course Takeaways :

(1) Learned what groundwater is and what water is groundwater;

(2) It is clear where the groundwater comes from and simulates the collection of groundwater;

(3) The impact of groundwater on humans, recognizing its importance;

(4) Learn how to test groundwater and go out to sample and test groundwater.

Highlight :

First of all, we stepped into the classroom and learned what groundwater is and what water belongs to groundwater. With the help of the teacher, we simulated groundwater extraction and all of us succeeded in getting water. The teacher told the students about the importance of groundwater and everyone understood how valuable it is.

Then, led by the teacher, we went out together and stepped on the spot. Pits were dug in a wet area for groundwater collection. After leaving, the pit was buried again and groundwater analysis and testing was conducted under professional instruments.

Curriculum Object : The 4-12 year-old children

Course Duration :3 hours

Contact number :Mr. Jiang 13797955194 (Same as WeChat)

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