Yifu Museum was awarded the Third Science Popularization Product Award by the Geological Society of China


Recently, the results of the third popular science award of the Geological Society of China were announced, and the popular science book Roaming the Mineral World launched by Dr. Chen Jing's popular science team of our museum won the popular science product award.

Popularization of geoscience is an important part of scientific education and promotion of existing exploration achievements of geoscience to the public, especially the majority of young people. It is as important as innovation of geological science and technology.

The award-winning "Wandering the Mineral World" is the second book in the "Let the Stone Talk" series of popular science books, which was compiled by Chen Jing of the Yifu Museum, and prefaced by Wang Yanxin, an academician of the CAS Member. The main contents include eight chapters: "minerals around me", "small common sense of mineral exploration", "beauty of mineral color", "beauty of mineral form", "beauty of mineral combination", "mineral growth", "memory of mineral exploration", and "small experiment of interesting crystallization". The book uses easy to understand language, exquisite specimen pictures and vivid hand-painted pictures to let readers see the experimental process more intuitively in the form of scanning the code to see the video, convey scientific thinking and scientific methods to the readers, provide practical guidance for the readers, and stimulate the readers' strong interest in minerals, nature and science. The book was supported by Hubei Provincial Special Fund for Social Public Welfare Publishing in 2021.

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