The lecturer training of popularization of science research in Yifu Museum was successfully held


Recently, the Yifu Museum of China University of Geosciences and Wuhan Youpinghui Science Popularization Practice Education Platform recruited a group of science popularization research lecturers. The first training was held on February 18 and 19, with a total of 14 participants. The training contents include the introduction of research concepts, sharing of practical skills, case analysis, etc., aimed at improving the teaching quality and practical level of research lecturers. The training is conducted in a combination of online and offline.

Online research course training is mainly based on theory. Through interpreting the course plan, understanding the course structure and the four major theories, students have a deeper understanding and understanding of research lecturers, research travel and research courses. At the same time, the speaker also introduced the different types and forms of research and learning to help students better design research and learning programs.

Under the guidance of experienced research lecturers, the trainees will conduct skills training, mainly visit the five main themes and exhibition halls, conduct on-site explanation and training, and constantly share their insights and experience on research and learning during the process, so that the trainees can get inspiration and inspiration from practice. They shared their experiences and experiences from the aspects of research program design, team management, security and other aspects, and were highly concerned and recognized by the students.

In the later training, a number of group discussion sessions and practice sessions will also be set up to help students better understand and master the knowledge and skills they have learned. In the group discussion, the students discussed the design of research programs, teaching strategies, team management and other issues in depth. In the practice exercise, students will exercise their practical ability and adaptability in multiple research and practice scenarios.

It is believed that these students will achieve more outstanding results in the future research and learning practice and make greater contributions to the development of research and learning cause.

The training was a complete success. I look forward to the smooth implementation of this year's research and popular science activities! At the same time, we also hope that our research lecturer team will grow stronger and stronger!

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