Yifu Museum Vigorously Promotes Science and Technology Volunteer Service


On the afternoon of March 22nd, the Yifu Museum of China University of Geosciences and the Badong Postgraduate Teaching Group of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) jointly held an online research activity called "Crystal Color Earth and Mineral World", which provided over 40 children from Class 2, Grade 7, Changling Junior High School, Shuibuya Town, Badong County, Hubei Province with a grand visual feast and scientific exploration trip.

Under the leadership of Tang Xiaoling, the live host and museum announcer, the children followed the live camera and enjoyed the "World Mineral Boutique Exhibition" being displayed in the museum from zero distance. More than 200 precious minerals from around the world, such as Morgan stone single crystals, gold beryl single crystals, giant blue iron ore clusters, blue copper ore clusters, natural gold, and emerald copper, have provided everyone with a glimpse of the magic of nature. When children see minerals that are flat in natural light and emit colorful and brilliant fluorescence excited by ultraviolet light, they are even more surprised. During the explanation process, Tang Xiaoling constantly introduced idiom stories, analogies and metaphors, and life customs to enable children to deeply understand the relationship between minerals and human life, planting the seeds of dreams in the hearts of young people, calling on them to actively think, dare to explore, devote themselves to research, use knowledge to benefit humans, and use technology to lead the future.

After the exhibition, under the remote guidance of the science popularization staff of the Shaw Museum, the children took the exquisite mineral samples they received and learned how to use a Morse hardness tester to measure the hardness of minerals. They conducted three rounds of test competitions: comparing the color and luster of minerals, comparing the hardness differences of minerals, and judging the hardness size of 10 minerals.

It is reported that, with the support of the "Flying Wing" University Student Science and Technology Volunteer Service Project of the China Association for Science and Technology, in the past year, the Shaw Museum, in conjunction with the school's graduate student teaching group, has delivered six wonderful online science popularization lectures and activities to over 20000 primary and secondary students in Chuxiong, Yunnan, and Badong, Hubei, to ignite children's scientific dreams with the power of youth and help the "double reduction" policy deepen and implement.

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